Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Official Merchandise

Official Licensed Merchandise

On our site we pride ourselves on providing Official Merchandise, and hence show our support to the many sports clubs and teams whose merchandise we promote.

We do not tolerate fake merchandise and refuse to lower our standards of quality.

We will be posting news topics here from time to time to update you on how to spot fake merchandise and save yourself money, time and disappointment whilst assisting you in choosing reputable stores to buy from.

Beware there are many sellers both online and at well-known stores and flea markets that illegally sell fake shirts and merchandise. Ask them to guarantee their products for authenticity and you will find that most of them don't put their full support behind the product.

Also beware printed shirts as 99% of them are fake. Official priinting is only done overseas presently and hence the cost to land these shirts here is very expensive.

Contact us to advise you on purchases from other stores, and to assist you in selecting a store near you that will provide you with official products.


Suppliers of fake merchandise undermine your integrity and intelligence, and essentially steal from you when they provide you with inferior products.


Don't settle for anything but the best.



Happy & safe shopping !!!!!


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